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ALPHAMALE4bottoms Male 59 Bisexual Play partner - bottom
AT GAINESVILLE, FL. Bisexual strictly TOP, I am 5' 8' 175 lbs strong, some body hair, 34' waist. I am a man, behave as a man and reciprocate as a man. Macho, cocky, possessive, controlling, dominant, sexually aggressive. I like to get my cock sucked and milked, I fuck ass, slap, spank, use and abuse a fag's butt and pussy-hole for long sessions. I prefer to travel out. You must have or send pictures, body, butt and face, if we go more than 3 e mails without hooking up, chances are we'll never meet. I go for looks, attitude, location and fast responding, address or cell number. I am between Orlando and Jacksonville, willing to travel up to 20 miles
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