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New Profile Policy
We have instituted a new profile posting policy that will insure that your searches return high quality profiles. Some policies have been in place for years, others have been in place but not enforced.

1. Main photo showing a substantial view of you
You do not have to show your face, although faceless profiles will never be featured. You need to show enough of yourself that members can tell if they are attracted to your physical type. We also do not wish to support lurkers on the site who just want to look at photos - there are thousands of gallery sites where they can do that.
2. Date of birth
Most members (about 90%) who search profiles specify an age range that they are interested in. With no data of birth, your profile will not appear in any search where an age range has been specified.
3. At least one locale (city, state or province or country)
Most members are interested in meeting other members within a reasonable distance from their own location. If you do not specify a locale, you will not show in any of those searches.
4. Profile activation via verification of your email address
If you do not respond to the activation email we send you, your profile will never be visible on the site. If you do not keep your email address current, your profile will be disabled until you login and set a new valid email address.
5. A description containing at least 100 characters
A comprehensive description is just as important as photo for members to determine if they are interested in you. Do not expect members to be interested in profiles with none or few words in their descriptions.

There used to be a grace period of 10 days, in which members could add a photo to their profile. This was instituted in ancient days where people had to take pictures with film, have the film developed and scanned at a photo shop, or send the photo to us to scan. Nowadays, everyone can upload a photo, even though we still occasionally scan a photo for a member.

All profiles are checked once a day for the above criteria, and the profile is disabled if the criteria is not met. When disabled, a profile can still be re-enabled when logging in, to finish it. Unfinished profiles will hang around for 6 months but will not be visible to other members or appear in any searches.

Our goal is to provide all the information you need to make a good match. We are always open to your suggestions, and that is why there is a link to the complaint/suggestion form on every page on the site.
Article expires: 2019-08-0112658

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