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Seeking consistent fair disciplinarian
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vspankee Male 38 Gay Play partner - top
I'm seeking a 2019 disciplinarian. Regular solid and appropriate discipline mainly with a strap. I don't care your age, height, weight, sexuality or relationship status. I do care about skill, reasonableness, mutual respect, reliability, discretion, and interest in my well- being. Disciplinarian will be someone who has control and is unapologetic about exercising it. I am not a natural submissive, rather, I am submitting for my benefit and I hope you get a good feeling out of it as well. I will not call you Sir until I have felt strokes from the strap as I m looking to meet, not chat. If we can't meet within 10 days of communicating, lets avoid communicating at all. Calling me 'boi' = block.
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