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I am into getting spanked for wearing women's panties and also for getting skidmarks in my underpants. I got spanked the whole time I was growing up for having skid marks in my white briefs. The spankings were always bare bottomed and always until I cried. I started to get a boner during the spankings, and the after-spanking self-play was so awesome. Eventually, i started to intentionally get those skid marks in my briefs so that I could get spanked. When my mother figured out that I was getting myself off after the spankings, she decided to punish me by making me wear girls panties anytime she found skidmarks in my boys briefs. I would get bare bottomed spanked, and then she;d make me pull the panties on in front of her. Feeling those panties being pulled up over my red sore ass cheeks and over my raging hard boner was such a thrill and a few times I actually orgasmed right there on the spot. Soon, she delegated my spankings and panties punishment to my older brother (he was in college but living at home). After the first time, he realized how much I liked it, and he would offer to spank and panty me just for my fun. He got off watching me get off on pulling panties on. That's when I stopped getting the skidmarks, but I can make them again for the right man!
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