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I have been the type of guy who has gotten away with things my whole life. I have always felt as though I was missing something in my life. After a lot of thinking, I have come to realize that what I was missing was discipline, respect, and humility. I am looking for the right person to hold me accountable for learning these attributes. How I develop these attributes is really up to the other person. A lot of what I have thought about involves discipline, control, domination, humiliation. Ideally the right guy will be on the same page as me with all of these things. In addition to developing these attributes, I want to learn how to be the best MAN that I can be. By that I mean, I need to be turned into a man mentally and physically. I can’t help but think of the earlier generations where nothing was valued more highly in a male than masculinity. This masculinity was developed in a boy many ways. It was developed at home, at school, on sports teams, in fraternities, in the army, etc. I am looking for a man for whom I will not just be another internet hookup up. I want to meet a guy who will treat me as his own – one who will take pride in what I accomplish, provide me with safety, and motivate me to be the best I can. I want a guy who wants and understands this lifestyle just as I do.
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