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GL 29 year old looking to spank or switch
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iuspanker Male 39 Gay Play partner - switch
I'm a grad student at IU. Regularly told that I'm good-looking. Looking for a hot young guy (18- 35 and not overweight are MUSTS) who is into spanking. I like giving and getting (I'm probably 70/30 top). If you're just looking to spank me, now's probably not the right time for that. If you're interested in getting spanked or switching, then please write! I especially LOVE playing spanking games. Pics are available in exchange for yours. If you message me, please act like a real person. Calling me 'boy' (or worse, 'boi') is likely to get you completely ignored. I'm just looking for a hookup on here--no relationships--but I DO think it's important that someone I'm going to play with be able to hold a conversation. I like to think of people I play with as friends, and I like to talk with my friends.
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