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Seeking Authentic Dad / Teenage Son Spankings
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Tracy1234 Male 50 Gay Play partner - top
39 year old gwm looking to receive authentic Dad / teenage son spankings with the hand and belt. Want to be spanked over the knee, over the bed and possibly over the chair. Believe spankings should involve me being naked, corner time, humiliation, possibly mouth soaping and tears. Seeking a serious Dad [ie .. one who will actually want to meet and spank] who is a very strict authority figure; one who demands 'yes, Sir' and 'no, Sir' [or there are consequences]. A Dad who views spanking as punishment his 'son' needs and deserves. Also, only Dad has a say when the punishment begins and ends. I greatly enjoy the Dad / teenage son scene, and have a strong fetish for Dad's leather belt.
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