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A spanking you don't feel the next day will not achieve its purpose
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Onkelben Male 74 Gay Play partner - switch
I am a bear mentor/uncle. I like helping men of all ages and builds get their lives straightened out and kept in order, if necessary with corporal punishment, which I believe can be very effective for some people. I do not like blood, nor do I wish to injure anyone, but a spanking should and will hurt - a lot. I too often need the 'advice' of a Dad/granddad or other authoritative figure to keep my feet on the ground and help me keep up with chores and responsibilities. The box above asking what I am seeking does not have enough choices. I am seeking men who are interested in discipline. Discipline and sex do not belong together, as sex would undermine discipline. However, I am also open to sex relationships which might or might not include various forms of spanking. I am also interested in meeting men interested in older bears. I am not actively looking for a relationship, but if the opportunity should arise that would be great.
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