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Seekign fun in the 'burbs.
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Little_Rock_Spanker Male 46 Gay Play partner - switch
I'm a near 40 year old that can either top or bottom. Like to spank guys generally younger than myself. I enjoy younger guys in college that are interested in experimenting for the first time with spanking or that are looking to get spanked again as an adult. Your limits will be respected, and you can certainly expect to to slowly get stripped naked and be across my knee and in various positions. I prefer to spank by handle, belt and depending on your comfort level, paddle. I have a space to play and can with in limits visit your hotel or place. Your spanking can be what you want, sensual and erotic, or moderate to burning really well. Spanking is a great turn on and a nice way to get a hard on. Now drop your jeans and bend over my knee. You have been a very bad boy! I also like to play on the bottom end and love the thrill of having to strip for a top who will punish my naught behind. Either way, it is all good.
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