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Short brat needs to be put over your knee
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KJCorr Male 65 Gay Play partner - top
I need a strict dad who never hesitates to take down my pants, pull me over his knee, and let me have it. I need real spankings for real reasons, but it's a plus if you can be in the role of dad/uncle/teacher/mentor and treat me as the naughty brat. It would be great if it could evolve into a regular mentoring arrangement (say monthly), but occasional hookups are ok, too. It's supposed to hurt, so you may as well save time and bare my butt from the beginning. A hard hand, hairbrush, or strap can get my attention quickly. Laziness, carelessness, sloppiness are all good reasons for a session over your knee. It could be a single spanking or an extended session, where you give me chores that I'll can't do to your high standards. A first meetup would be defined in advance, but once we have trust and communications, you get to decide on my spankings. Not interested in sex. I'm there to be spanked as punishment.
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