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He knows he’s going to get it – knows he deserves it what with the things he’s done and that attitude he can’t seem to control – but it all seems unreal. He’s too old to have this happen. He’s an adult, damn it. Sure he acts like a brat now and then, but to be spanked? Now? At his age? Naw. No way. Then suddenly that hand on his arm pulls. Suddenly he’s sprawled butt up across the knees of this guy who looks and sounds like Dad used to. He blurts out a promise – better behavior, no more arrogance, but the words “Too late” and that big wide hand hit at the same moment. That hand lands again and again, sending a burn right through the seat of his jeans. It hurts, damn it, it hurts. Then just as quickly, it stops and he’s hauled up. Those big hands undo his belt and he feels his jeans hit his ankles. It gradually dawns on him that this is going to hurt his ego as much as his backside. And just as that thought crystallizes, he’s back across those knees, briefs stretched across his ass, and now the hand begins to speak again – and the first yelps squeeze through his teeth. The voice continues its calm lecture, talking about consequences and other words his teachers and coaches had bored him with. But they had never done this. Another swat, another yelp and damn it, he feels himself getting aroused. He’s back on his feet. His briefs join his jeans. With his hands on his head, he can’t conceal anything. He feels a pair of eyes scan his body. He hears a voice tell him that if he wants to provide a handle, that handle will be used… He’s back across that lap. One hand grasps his cock and the other starts tanning his butt again – harder and faster. He squirms, he bucks, but he can’t avoid either hand and he suddenly realizes that things are working towards an explosive conclusion … ...You're 20, 30 or 40 and your attitude is out of control, or laziness and irresponsibility have taken over and you just need an OTK reality check. So it's time we dispensed with sensitive soul-searching and I hauled you over my knee and applied my large hard hand to the seat of your pants, briefs and bare ass - obligatory lecture included. Very experienced (and real)Dad/coach/mentor here - 6 foot, 210 - and while never brutal, I am real, so yup, you're likely going to be doing some sincere squirming and cathartic howling. As for additional humiliation - hey, the spanking hand can do some pretty gentle exploring/comforting too but that's not required. Role play is great - I've tanned CEO's, jocks, eternal teens, brother teams, two cops and a superhero. Love dealing with 'sons' in their 30's and 40's, but recently gave two 20 year old guys a firm lesson in responsibility! They cried real tears! Now it's your turn. Let's get this over with son. (I have pics to trade and vids for here and always happy to get more, but that's also not required).
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