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Ever carry a 4x4' wood beam
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Ever carry a 4x4' wood beam with your hands and arms outstretched and tied across your shoulders through the city streets with you stark Naked? That's the way it was done in Roman times when there was an execution. Outside of town the victim was then nailed on to the beam, the beam lifted and slotted onto the post. Imagine the gory details of crucifixion; the preparations for execution – stripping, scourging, etc that helps exhaust the victim and makes them more easily controlled; the march to the execution site; it dehumanizes as well as turns one into an animal in the minds of the executioners. Sometimes a 'seat [sedilla]' a projection that was used to mount the victim on the post: The post was permanent upon which the beam was mounted there were predrilled holes in the post “upright [stipes]” which could accommodate guys of all sizes. Was it between their legs? Or was it shoved up his fundament? It was necessary as without it, however used, the guy would too soon tire of pushing up on his nailed feet to catch a breath, and quickly die of asphyxiation, caused by paralysis of his diaphragm. When this occurs it causes the victim to have a hard on throughout the ordeal caused by lack of oxygen; he would then have climaxed upon death, a sure sign he was dead.
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